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What is a Universal Tennis Flex League?

Universal Tennis Flex Leagues provides the best way for you to improve your game around your busy schedule. Level-based play ensures competitive matches, and you choose when and where you play. Now live in more than 65 cities in the US and Europe including Ventura County. Players, both adults and juniors from all over Ventura County have been playing in the Flex Leagues over the past year and improving their Universal Tennis Ratings through competitive match play in singles and doubles.


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What's the best way to improve my Universal Tennis rating?

Play Well – Performing well in matches is the easiest way to improve your UTR Rating. If the match is out of hand, don’t give up! It does not matter whether you play higher- or lower-rated opponents; you can improve your UTR Rating either way by winning more games than expected.

Play Often – The more matches you play, the quicker your UTR Rating will reflect your current form. The algorithm is especially accurate for those who play often against a variety of opponents rated above and below you.

Be Patient – Since your UTR Rating is a rolling weighted average, the effect of new results is slightly lagged. Your UTR Rating may not fully reflect a recent outcome right away, but it will over time.

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Questions You May Have About Universal Tennis Ratings

Should I play players higher or lower than myself in order to improve my Universal Tennis Rating?

How is My UTR rating calculated?

How does the algorithim work for doubles?
The singles and doubles algorithms are very similar. For doubles, the algorithm compares the average UTR Rating of Team A to the average UTR Rating of Team B. Given the UTR Rating difference between those two averages, the algorithm expects a certain percentage of games won. The team that performs better than the algorithm’s expectation will see their match rating go up. Both teammates see an increase or decrease by the same amount.    


Top Ranked Professionals Universal Tennis Ratings

Latest Flex League Winners
Ventura County

January 11 - February 20
(2023 Kick-Off)

Novak Djokavic Division
Riley Lopez 6.89
Rafa Nadal Division
David Fang 5.34
Stefanos Tsispitas Division
Michael Brandt 3.51
Jessica Pegula Division - Women
Kristine Werner 3.00
Carlos Alcaraz Division - Juniors
Krish Goel 4.14
Coco Gauff Division - Juniors
Tea Jaz Bourgaeis 3.49
Taylor Fritz Division - Juniors
Madison Lopez 2.87
Bryan Bros - Adult Doubles
Alan Siu 7.55 - Kira Branson 6.23

December 7 - January 11
(Holiday Flex League)

Singles A Division
Delilah Rizvi 6.70
Singles B Division
Angela Caldwell 5.56
Singles C Division
Andre Guerzet 3.68
Singles D Division - Juniors
Krish Goel 4.14
Singles E Division - Juniors
Madison Lopez 2.87

November 9 - December 16
(Fall Session #2)

Singles A Division
Robin Clement 6.86
Singles B Division
Emily Werman 5.06
Singles C Division
Krish Goel 3.76
Singles D Division
Justin Abad 3.43
Singles E Division - Juniors
Myla Solorzano 3.42
Singles F Division - Juniors
Sophie Zhang - 2.23

September 28 - November 6
(Fall Session #1)

Singles A Division
Riley Lopez (6.75)
Singles B Division
Grant Wang (5,44)
Singles C Division -Juniors
Rishi Sikh (3.24)
 Junior Doubles
Krish Goel (3.89) - Rishi Sikh (3.96)

August 17 - September 26
(Summer Season #3)

Singles A Division
Craig Meyers (6.76)
Singles B Division
Riley Lopez (6.14)
Singles C Division
William Schreiber (3.70)
Singles D Division - Juniors
Krish Goel (3.65)
Doubles A Division
Adam Targum (4.80) - Daine Merade (4.00)

July 6th - August 14th
(Summer Season #2)

Doubles A Division

Harry Mapanda (6.93) - Alan Siu (7.03)
Doubles B Division
 Delilah Rizvi (5.67) - Zahik Rizvi (4.56)
Singles A Division
Oliver Barth (7.02)
Singles B Division
Anglea Caldwell (5.94)
Singles C Division
Gang Xiao (4.53)
Singles D Division
Rodrigo Reis (3.07)
Singles E Division
Grant Wang (4.69)
Singles F Division - Juniors
Audrey Huckestein (2.59)